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Upcoming Talks:

    • Definition of Risk: A Situation Involving Exposure to Danger. A Keynote on the Conference Theme “Social Justice, Community Engagement and Information Institutions: Access, Diversity, and Inclusion”. Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) Conference 2018. Zadar, Croatia. June 13-15, 2018.

    Select Recent International Talks:

      • Data Ethics: To Do or Not to Do?. (Co-presenters Dr. Ali Shiri & Cheryl Trepanier). Information Ethics Special Interest Group panelist. Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) Annual Conference 2018. Denver, Colorado, USA. 7 February 2018.
      • From Loyalty to Blind Loyalty: A Citizenship Continuum in Higher Education. CGCER International Conference 2017 – Global Citizenship: Intersectionality, Solidarity and Living as Kin on a Suffering Planet. Edmonton, AB. 28 October 2017.
      • Speaking on the panel entitled Sustaining Community Engagement and Fostering Social Responsibility: Teaching and Learning about Diversity in LIS Programs. Association for Library and Information Science Education Annual Conference. Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 20 January 2017.
      • Innovation and Inclusion: Considering the Scope and Vision of Information Ethics Education Panelist. ALISE Conference. Boston. 7 January 2016.
      • Speaking Truth To Power: Exploring Social Justice LIS Educators’ Use of Social Media in the Age of Institutional Censorship Panelist. ALISE Conference. Boston. 7 January 2016.
      • Seeking Terms of Citizenship in Graduate Library and Information Studies Education in Canada: An Act of Academic Labour. (Co-presenter: Christina Palech). CGCER International Conference 2015: Global Education, Common Wealth and Uncommon Citizenships. University of Alberta. 7 November 2015.
      • Assembling PeerlessU: A Canadian makeover comes to grief. (Co-author Dr. Len Findlay, University of Saskatchewan.) Information Ethics Roundtable 2015. Theme: Transparency and Secrecy. University of Wisconsin-Madison. Madison, Wisconsin, USA. 9 April 2015.
      • Looking To Our Own: Ethical Library and Information Workers at Risk. International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions – IFLA/FAIFE – Satellite Meeting 2014, in collaboration with Conference on Ethical Dilemmas in the Information Society: How Codes of Ethics Help to Find Ethical Solutions. Geneva, Switzerland. 15 August 2014.
      • The Corporate University? (Co:presenter: Dr. Lynette Shultz.) Information Ethics Round Table 2014. University of Alberta. Edmonton, AB. April 26, 2014.
      • Educational Entrepreneurs: Canaries in the Coalmine and Scholars at Risk. As part of the panel on Educational Entrepreneurship in LIS to Further a Discussion of Gender-Based Issues. Hosted by the Gender SIG/Special Interest Group. Association for Library and Information Science Education. Philadelphia, USA. 22 January 2014.
      • Facing Academic Minders, the Instruments of Institutional Interference in Higher Education. A Plenary Keynote Address for the “Decolonizing Global Citizenship Education” International Conference organized through the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research at the University of Alberta. Edmonton, AB. November 2, 2013.
      • “You Can’t Hurry Love”: Slow Library Education in Culturally Diverse Society”. [IN ABSENTIA] International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, World Library and Information Congress 2013. Singapore. 17 August 2013.
      • Problematizing Information Ethics and Social Responsibility in LIS Education in Context of the Greater Academy. For the Centre for Continuing Training of Librarians based in the National and University Library and supported by the Department of Information Studies, the Croatian Library Association and the Zagreb City Libraries. Zagreb, Croatia. April 20, 2012.
      • Keynote. International Convention of Slavic Librarians. Theme: Librarianship, Human Rights & Activism. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. April 16, 2012.
      • Keynote. “Responsabilidad social y compromiso: sobre la ruptura entre retórica y realidad.” Asociación Española de Documentación e Información. Conference Theme: From Responsibility to Social Commitment. Madrid, Spain. November 17, 2011.
      • Keynote. Information Ethics and the Corporatist Academic Enterprise: Critical Implications for Education of Library and Information Workers. Ethics and Social Responsibility in the Information Science Field. IX Encuentro de la Asociación de Educación e Investigación en Ciencia de la Información de Iberoamérica y el Caribe / IX Encontro da Associação de Educação e Investigação em Ciência da Informação da Iberoamerica e Caribe (IX EDICIC). Sau Paulo, Brazil. Sao Paulo. May 30, 2011.
      • Keynote. A CEPE Crossing: To Custody and Control, Exigency, Partnerships and Employment. Computer Ethics, Philosophical Enquiry Conference 2011. Conference Theme: Crossing Boundaries: Ethics in Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Relations. Hosting institutions include the School of Information Studies (UW-Milwaukee) and the Center for Information Policy Research (UW-Milwaukee). Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. June 3, 2011.
      • Keynote. A Pedagogic Primer in Librarianship and Human Rights: From People and Politics to Process and Privilege. Workshop on Libraries and Human Rights as part of the Information Rights as Human Rights Symposium of the Information Ethics Roundtable, School of Information Resources and Library Science, University of Arizona. Tucson, Arizona, USA. April 15, 2011.

      Select Recent National Talks:

      • Academic Freedom Panelist for “To the Wall: The Last Stand of Academic Freedom”. University of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon, SK. 1 October 2014.
      • Concluding Keynote: Defending Academic Librarianship. CAUT Librarians Conference 2012. Ottawa: ON. 27 October 2012.
      • As the Shift Happens. (Co-presenter: Amy Meckelborg.) Canadian eLearning Conference 2010. Edmonton, AB. June 24, 2010.
      • Importance of Academic Freedom. Canadian Library Association Annual Conference 2010. Edmonton, AB. June 5, 2010.

      Select Recent Provincial/Local Talks:

      • Panelist for More to Learn: Education in Service of Public Good. (Co-panelists: Norene Erickson and Danny De Castro.) Alberta Library Conference. Jasper, AB. 29 April 2017.
      • Panelist for Preparing Future Library Movers and Shakers at MacEwan, SAIT and U of A. Alberta Library Conference. Jasper, AB. April, 2016.
      • NEOS Mini-Conference. Co-keynote with Norene James (MacEwan University.) Futures for library and information studies education. MacEwan University. Edmonton, AB. 12 June 2015.
      • Student Stances: Connecting Current Customers to CLA’s Intellectual Freedom Statement. This session is the annual Lorne MacRae Intellectual Freedom Lecture, funded by the Calgary Foundation. Alberta Library Conference 2015. Jasper, AB. 2 May 2015.
      • Served as one of several respondents to Dr. Steven Salaita at the following event: Silencing Dissent: Palestine, Digital Activism, Academic Freedom, and the Decline of the Public University. University of Alberta. Edmonton, AB. 13 January 2015.
      • Scholars at Risk: Scratching Old and New Surfaces of Postsecondary Teaching. CTL Catalysts: A Conversation Series On Teaching. (Dr. Connie Varnhagen moderates this three-person panel by guiding each speaker through five minutes of contextual framing and ten minutes of concrete tips aimed to illustrate challenging realities of teaching. Dr. Jerry Kachur explores multiple understandings of ‘accountability’ in the new labour of teaching. Dr. Toni Samek examines teaching within and without transborder internationalization and distance education. Dr. Malinda S. Smith addresses systemic patterns and counteractions in the enduring struggle for equity and diversity in teaching.) University of Alberta. Edmonton, AB. 7 November 2014.
      • Brandish and Branding: Unfriendly Impacts on Academic Use of Social Media on Canadian Campuses. After the Future of Education: A Lecture Series. Department of Secondary Education. Faculty of Education. University of Alberta. Edmonton, AB. 11 October 2013.
      • Slow Education for Quick Learners: A Study in Diversity. British Columbia Library Association Conference. Richmond, BC. May 11, 2013.
      • Intellectual Freedom, Academic Freedom and Workplace Speech: Don’t Be Confused. The Lorne MacRae Intellectual Freedom Lecture. Alberta Library Conference. Library Association of Alberta. April 26, 2013.
      • Stapleford Lecture 2013. “Librarians Unplugged: Why and How Librarians are Speaking Out About Crucial Social Issues”. University of Regina. Regina, SK. 18 March 2013.
      • Opening Talk: “I Guess We’ll Just Have to Wait for the Movie to Come Out”. Progressive Librarians Guild (Edmonton Chapter) Symposium. Edmonton, AB. 20 October 2012.
      • Librarians Gather in Madrid: A New Social Movement. University of Alberta’s International Week 2012. Edmonton, AB. February 1, 2012.
      • Digital Labour (or not) in Library and Information Studies Education. Faculty of Education Research Forum Series. University of Alberta. Edmonton, AB. January 26, 2012.